Blog Disclaimer

This blog is a personal hobby of mine and at this time is currently written and edited solely by myself.  This blog is a “lifestyle blog” and covers a wide variety of topics, mainly whatever has piqued my interest at the moment.  (I’m working on not being as scatter brained.)  I would like to point out that I am not to be considered an expert in any topic regardless of my knowledge of the subject.  Any posts that I write and share here are merely my opinions or examples of what has worked for me / my family in our life.

As I stated before, this is a hobby of mine.  Please take any post with a grain of salt and consider it for informational purposes.  This blog is not to be seen as any kind of medical, legal, emotional type of advice.  If you need those services, I suggest that you see a certified professional instead of listening to a half mad woman on the internet.  Also note, that any opinions that I share aren’t necessarily shared with any organizations that I may be affiliated with.

Any information that may be presented on this site is accurate to the best of my knowledge.  However, there may sometimes be omissions, errors, or mistakes.  If you do see a typo, please let me know because it will drive me nuts if I find it later.

Disclosure Policy

I do accept forms of cash advertising, sponsorship, and other compensation.  This includes advertisements and affiliate links both on my site and within my blog posts.  My blog abides  by Word of Mouth Marketing Standards (WOMMA).  And any content that is sponsored or paid will be appropriately identified as such.

What are Affiliate Links?

Working as an affiliate means that I work with companies, like Amazon, to advertise on my blog.  By using a tracking link, when a potential buyer clicks the link and makes a purchase, I get a small percentage of the end cost.  It is paid advertising at its most internet.

No Extra Cost to You

By clicking a link listed on my blog there is absolutely no extra charge to you.  In the case of Amazon gives me a percentage for referring you to their site.  Occasionally, there are discounts or coupons for potential buyers by using affiliate links.

Anything I Link, I Use

I will not ever post any product that I do not or would not personally use.  Scout’s honor on that.  Down here in the South, your word is your bond and I certainly don’t want to come off in a way that isn’t true to my character.

Disclosure Policy Updates

Any changes made to my current disclosure or disclaimer policies will be posted here.  It will be clearly marked what the change is as well the updated date and time.

This policy was last modified on July 19, 2017 at 01:00am EST.