Mini Blogiversary!

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Whoo!  Blogiversary!

I am so happy to announce that I have officially reached my 6 month blogiversary!  For 6 whole months I have ridden this crazy train of blogging.  And do you know what?  I am terrible, but I am still learning.  Plus, I am still insanely hopeful for the future that I will eventually figure out what the hell I’m doing.  I have a couple of things that I want to touch on in this post.  First off, I said ages ago that I would follow up my Making Money at Home post.  I also want to cover what I have learned thus far and plan my goals for the next 6 months.  For those of you that have encouraged me along the way, I am so very grateful for your continued support.

Making Money at Home Part Deux

This is truthfully going to be my shortest and bitterest section of the post.  And I’ll admit now that it is wholly my fault because there is so much more that I could be doing.  As far as the surveys and the cash back programs, I have done doodly squat.  The surveys are time consuming and the programs like Ibotta and Checkout51 I just never take the time to use.  Again, that is wholly on me.

I am making money with babysitting.  I am keeping Squeaks’ cousin and he is an absolute doll.  Of course, there is so much more than just a monetary value attached to him.  Squeak loves him and he is truly the sweetest little boy that I’ve ever met.  So much so that he makes my child look like an anti-social little mischief maker.

I also started an online shop!  I am still super stoked about this and have so much hope for it.  Currently, it is only a group on Facebook, but I am working towards my goal of having my very own online shop!  Or even offering my goodies here!  I would like to note (because I have seen a lot to the contrary) that mine is a completely legal business.  I mostly sell clothing that is proudly made in the USA!  And If you would like to join my Facebook Group, please follow this link!

Hey!  Read this!

I absolutely will not sell anything that could be fraudulent, but it happens ALL THE TIME.  Products that are sold for less than half the price of major retailers are most probably fake.  I’ve seen the legitimate wholesalers that list these products and I know where they are coming from.  And please beware anyone selling name brand cosmetics!  I just read an article where so many of the products have real packaging but are actually made with dangerous and sometimes carcinogenic substances.  You don’t want arsenic or rat feces on your face, I promise!  Just please, please, please be super mindful of what you’re purchasing.  But I digress because there are so many other women who are running amazing businesses like the one I’m trying to build.

Blog Goals

If you want to say then slay your goals, you have to be S.M.A.R.T.  Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, Timely.  To help keep your blog goals (or any goals) on track, pin this handy graphic.

Setting Goals, Goal Setting, Blog Goals

Secure my focus

– I am very aware that this is something that I should have done prior to starting.  But while I thought I knew what I wanted to do – theory and practice are immensely different.  I’m still greatly torn between wanting a true “Lifestyle Blog” and posting content that will help garner views, shares, and eventually money.  While I am working my way towards a happy medium, it will take time.  Hopefully by the time I reach my first Blogiversary I’ll have found my stride.

Office space

– One of the things that I want to achieve in the next few months is to carve out a dedicated space for my home office.  Currently, I am set up in the kitchen and have notebooks and folders everywhere.  My inventory is in Squeak’s closet and the mailing supplies are in the guest room.  I really want a dedicated space where everything is within arms reach.

Land a Sponsored Post

– While it is still secondary, I’d like to be able to make money from this blog.  Sponsored posts are paid by the brand or products/services are given for free in exchange for a review, recipe, etc.  I was in talks about a possible collaboration two months ago.  But I had to put that on hold for my last pregnancy.  I am reaching out to renew the collaboration.

Make an Affiliate Sale

– This again is related to monetizing and I would LOVE to be able to do so.  There are so many great products that I would like to represent, I just have to work on a sales pitch because apparently I’m awful.  And I don’t want this big ole goose egg to sit on my head.

Increase my social media presence

– I am super pleased to say that I have seen a positive growth trend across my social media platforms.  Of course I want to increase this so I can reach more like minded people.  The support has been amazing so far.  In the same vein, I’d like to coordinate my social media so it has more of a cohesive theme across the board.

Figure out my email list

– There is so much emphasis on email lists across the board.  All of these big name bloggers who write how-to guides on blogging swear that they are key to increasing readership.  I have no clue what I’m doing.  In fact, I feel like a squirrel would have a better chance at rocket science than I have at figuring this out.

Lessons Learned

I know nothing

– This may sound a bit redundant, but I thought I knew what the hell I was getting myself into.  I didn’t.  In fact, even with all that I have learned thus far, there is literally thousands of things that I’ve never heard of.  I could have spend an entire year of research, taking courses, being in mastermind groups and I still wouldn’t have been “ready.  Personally, taking that big leap has been a large part of the adventure so I don’t really regret it.

I took creativity for granted

– Naivety is a hell of a thing.  I genuinely thought that it would be NBD to crank out content left and right.  To some degree, I feel that I could, however I can admit that the quality of the content would suffer greatly.  I’ve decided that I don’t just want to write topic posts.  Sure, the advice is to find a problem and provide a solution, but I’ve realized that that is not what I want to do here.  So now there is the conundrum of what to actually write about so I’m working on doing new things and being a person worthy of a public story.

Failure looks good sometimes

– I wish I could omit this section, but in the effort of being as authentic as possible, I can’t.  There were at least three separate occasions where I honestly considered jumping ship and shutting this all down.  Thankfully, they were short lived because this makes me incredibly happy.  Even though it is not the most popular site, it is still my little slice where I can share.  I am all about doing what makes you happy (unless it’s drugs, in which case, please reconsider).

Proactivity is hard

I know in my heart that I could be a lot more proactive when it comes to my blog.  I ended up having two near panic attacks over whether or not I made wise choices in choosing the direction of my blog.  You can read about those here and here.  I am just now getting to the point where I am finally finding a happy balance between the babies, housework, and working until 2 a.m. on my blog and shop.  There is still tons of room for improvement, but I know I need to be much more proactive in promoting my businesses and blog posts.  There is a learning curve and I’m on the far side of the curve.

Advertising is Greek to me

Again with the naivety, but I thought that one could just set ads and forget about them.  And I think normally that is true, but I lack the volume of some of others and that just isn’t working in my favor.  Oh well, I’m chalking it up yet another thing that I need to continue my education on.

Things are Looking Up

All in all I’m incredibly positive about my first 6 months.  I have learned an awful lot and I am still really, really, ridiculously hopeful, optimistic, and happy with my journey.  If I could go back and do things differently, would I?  Of course, but the past is behind me and that is a post for another day.  I would like to give sincere thanks to the wonderful bloggers that I have met thus far on this journey.  The honor of meeting such amazing, smart, and genuinely supportive people has made my life better.  I hope to have an even better report for my First Blogiversary!

Be sure to check back Tuesday for my new blog post: Dating in the Swamp!

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43 Replies to “Mini Blogiversary!”

  1. Happy half birthday! These are great goals, and I learned the same lesson about knowing nothing in my first year too lol

    1. Thank you so much! I could sing Pocahontas, “..things you never knew, you never knew”. Haha, but overall it has been an amazing experience!

  2. Happy 6 months! There’s so much to learn about blogging. I’ve been blogging for years and there’s still so much I don’t know and so much I could be better at. You’ll continue to figure what’s important to you and what you really have time for.

    1. That is what I am hoping. Life would be no fun if we just stopped learning.

  3. These are great goals. I think you are headed in the right direction. You’ve already accomplished a lot. The site is lovely.

    1. Thank you so much! That means the world to me!

  4. Great goals! I’ve found that having a dedicated office space is so important for my productivity.

    1. See? That’s my thoughy process completely. Thank you, that us very good to know.

  5. What a great post! And congrats on you blogiversary, Sami! I also love your goals and how well they’re set. I always do yearly goals for my blog too and I’ve found out that those really have helped me improving it and my social. The hardest part really making it a successful business if that’s your goal. It’s easy to earn a bit or get some products for a post but progressing from there really is an another job. I wish you all the best improving this blog! 🙂

    1. That’s wonderful to hear! In fact, it gives me hope that I’m going down the right path with my goals. Thank you so much for your kind words!

  6. Happy six months!
    I love your blog goals. There is so much to learn with blogging but your doing so well!

    1. Yes! I genuinely thought it would be an easier process than it is. Wouldn’t trade it for the world because I am learning so very much.

  7. Happy Blogiversary! 🎂 I think you’ve outlined some great goals going ahead that will lead you in the direction. I too wish I’d spent more time in the outlining and planning stage, and spent most of my first six months figuring it all out because theory is a lot different to practice!

    1. Yes! I’m sorry you had the same stress, but I am relieved to find that I’m not the only one. There is definitely a large learning curve.

  8. You have achieved so much already in six months, you have set some solid goals and I can’t wait to see you achieve them all

    1. Oh my goodness! Thank you for your kind words. It is a work in progress, but it is my baby and I hope to watch it grow!

  9. Zana Djakovic says: Reply

    Happy 6 months dear! This blogging thing is such an incredible journey and you should enjoy it. This goals that you set up for yourself are amazing. Be patient and just stay true to yourself. 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! Staying authentic has been one of my struggles from the beginning. I’m glad I’m starting to post for myself and not just what I think other people want to see.

  10. Congrats on 6 months! It really sounds like you’ve learned a lot and I’m glad you’ve decided to stick with it. There is always so much you can learn, but you don’t want to keep learning and never start so I think it’s good you have a blog and you’re still learning as you go – I think that’s all of us!


    1. That is a very valid point and I’m afraid that there are so many people who are doing exactly that. Thank you so much for your support during these last 6 months, it means the world to me.

  11. Great list of things to think about as we approach the new year

    1. For sure, fingers crossed that we both slay our goals!

  12. Happy 6 months! And yes, I also knew nothing when I started, and still feel like I don’t. So much to learn!

    1. Thank you, exactly! Hopefully we both have many years to continue learning!

  13. Happy six months! These are really great goals. There is such a big learning curve in the world of blogging but if you are making goals and working towards them, you will get to where you want to be!

    1. Yes, yes! That is exactly what I am hoping for!

  14. Neely Moldovan says: Reply

    Happy 6 months! So excited for you!

  15. Wow, great read! And Happy Anniversary to you! It’s a great accomplishment 🙂 Keep up the great writing and I look forward to reading more of your awesome blog. Thanks!

    1. Thank you so much! That is so wonderful to hear!

  16. These are great goals :-)! I usually set monthly ones for my blog & I find it so helpful. Congrats on 6-month anniversary!

    1. That’s definitely something that I’m working towards myself.

  17. Well, congratulations and Happy Birthday! You are doing so great so far. Enjoy the blogging journey, for i believe this is the best part of it!
    Helene // Beautiful Is My Attire

  18. Congrats on 6 Months….I enjoyed reading through this post and your goals…it’s good for monitoring your progress and I also found myself looking out for T’s to cross on my own side

    1. Hey, if I can help you out I am happy to. Thank you!

  19. I’m a new blogger and this was such a good read! I feel like there’s so much to learn, it’s nice to know you’ve figured so much out!

    1. Bless you! I’m started to get the feel of things but they are no where near figured yet. But I have so much faith for the both of us to succeed.

  20. Congratulations on 6 months of blogging! I’ve been blogging for a few years and I still have a lot to learn!

    1. That’s a good thing, I hope for this to be a continual learning experience.

  21. Congrats on 6 months! It is a continual learning journey to blog. I’ve been blogging for a year and half but was only serious about it for the last year. As long as you are growing in an area and enjoy it, keepig blogging:) If you need a break, take one and then come back fresh. It takes time but success comes little bit by little bit in blogging. Progress can come from many areas too, so remember that progress is progress no matter what blogging area it’s in, it’s still progress!!

    1. Thank you! That is so very encouraging to hear! Let’s toast to continued success!

  22. Blogging is never-ending journey, but a worthy one if you love what you do. I am aiming to one day make a living off my blog, but I know that even if that doesn’t happen, I’ll still blog just because I love it so much, and I think that’s important. There’s no point in putting so much of yourself into something you don’t enjoy – nothing is worth losing your sanity over! Just remember to work hard and be genuine, and you’ll figure out the rest along the way. We’re all in this together!

    1. Yes! I agree with all of it and that’s pretty much where I am currently. I’m okay if things don’t pan out the way that I want them to. I’m getting to a point where I am happy with what I’m doing and that is the end goal. I do have to disagree with you on the sanity thing – kids are worth losing your sanity over. I’m nowhere near what I was pre-baby, lol.

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