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Good afternoon and a very happy Sunday to you all!

The Unhappy Blogger

I’ve been having a lot of issues with what I want to do with this blog.  It is and was first created to be a hobby of mine, but in another breath, I would like to be able to make money off of this hobby.  While I did go further in depth about the monetizing of the blog in a separate post, it still is not my primary intention in any of this.  All of that being said, I have been at an absolute loss with what to write about.  Sure I want to write amazing posts that provide helpful advice that produces tremendous traffic.  But that is harder than anticipated when there are so many other writers who have already surpassed any bar that I could have ever set.

So what’s a Lifestyle/Mom/Farm blogger to do?  I’m so worried that if I get off on one of my rambling tangents that it can be a turn off to any readers that I may get.  Unfortunately, this has been a major hang up for me and my writing has suffered a huge blow.  I have racked my brain to come up with something of substance to almost no avail.  15 posts in draft that I am unable to finish.  I’ve read that blogger burn out can be a big deal, but I did not expect it to come in my first month.

I’ve become a non-blogging blogger and I’m pretty bummed about it.

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What I am Changing

I think my biggest problem is that I’ve spent so much time reading and researching, networking with other bloggers, and trying to create on my own spin on content that I consider valuable to readers.  Don’t get me wrong, all of it has been important in its own right.  Plus I’ve met some amazing bloggers along the way.  I’m planning on doing a Blog Spotlight / Link Share in the future because I love and respect these ladies so much.  But that is aside the point for right now.

I’ve done some soul searching and I believe that my biggest issue is that I was too busy trying to focus on the money.  I had given up on being true to myself and my plans for this blog to be an outlet.  I want to write about my journey as a new mother, living on a farm, and just the general shenanigans that we share in our family.  For the time being I’m giving up trying to compete with other bloggers.  I want to focus on my family, my writing, and making my blog my little slice of paradise.  If I can share any helpful advice along the way, that’s fantastic, but it is no longer my end goal.

I am aware that there may not be a soul besides my family that reads this and that’s okay.  Like Dita Von Teese said, “You may be the ripest, juiciest peach in the world, and there’s still going to be somebody who hates peaches”.

Overcoming Writer’s Block

  1. Be true to yourself and your writing.

    I did not set out with the intention of being Mrs. Fix-it with the world’s problems.  And if I can’t easily come up with content that helps others then I should rely on what I can write about.  I’m working harder to finding a happy medium about everything that I write.

  2. Don’t always compare yourself to others.

    I like reading similar blogs to get an understanding of how other moms tackle common problems.  However, I do know that no circumstance is exact all the way across the board.  I may write something on a topic and it can be the polar opposite of another blogger’s stance on the topic.  To compare my work with someone else’s, regardless of their topic or stance, is unnecessary and often a blow to the ego.

  3. Take some time to get your mind right.

    I don’t know about you, but I need a proper mindset to get my creative juices flowing.  I’ve tried and I just cannot concentrate if I’m stressed, unwell, or otherwise distracted.  If you’re going through a rough patch, pause to see if you just need a breather from writing.  Rest your brain then rock your post.

  4. Create a space where you can write.

    Currently, I’m set up next to the box because for some reason my laptop won’t connect via Wi-Fi.  My Christmas list consists of only a new laptop so I can set up my home office to have a place to work.  That aside, I believe it is important to have a dedicated space to get the creative juices flowing.

  5. Accept that perfection is almost impossible.

    I want every post to be perfect in every way.  My SEO scores reassures me that is not always possible.  Even if my posts are imperfect, they still are my work and they still have value.

  6. Brainstorm or Free Write.

    What actually got me started on this post was a little bit of free writing on another post.  It’s taken me about an hour to get this much, but with a baby that’s good time for me.  Ramble if you need to.  But actually typing words on the screen can get the ball rolling in the right direction.



Overcoming writer's block, writer's block, writers block

Blogging for Myself

As I previously mentioned, I am wanting to get back to my original idea for this blog.  It might be boring to some, but this is my life and I want to share it with those that care.  Here goes nothing.

We partied this weekend!  Of course, not partied like I did 10 years ago because honestly, old girl ain’t got it in her anymore.  This may sound weird but my dad is sort of the Patriarch of our group.  Most of us worked together and we’ve had “Team Building” meetings for years now.  So my dad wanted to host a Taco, Tequila, & Things that go Bang party.  Cool, we have the space we’ll do it here.  No biggie.  Things got started way later than anticipated but that’s always par for course.  We made margaritas, chicken and beef tacos, and he has a super simple but mighty tasty Doritos casserole.  I’ll have to get the recipe to share in the future.

It was wonderful to get to spend time with my family and friends.  I know that since we’ve moved I’ve not socialized near as much as I should.  Things are even worse for my Squeak, she squalled for a good 20 minutes after everyone started to arrive.  Thankfully, Daniel Tiger and a cup of milk eventually settled her down.  Long story short, I think she may need to be socialized a bit more.  Now comes the task of convincing my Hubs of that.  I have a theory that he turns down invitations under the guise that I’m a homebody.  While that is partly true, I don’t want to be his excuse for getting out of all engagements.

My Daddy-O makes a pretty spot on guacamole and Squeak’s Momma T makes a Buffalo Chicken Dip that is worth punching your neighbor.  I brought up the rear with a Jalepeno Popper Dip recipe that I got from my bestie.  There were no survivors.

As with most of our gatherings there was also some target practice.  I can attest that without practice one tends to fall out of, well, practice.  For instance, I did not hit a clay pigeon (or skeet) with any of the several shots that I took.  Now I have no intention of ever shooting a bird mid-flight, but I think it’s a good skill to have should I ever need it.  Had Hubs brought out his shotgun I may have had a chance.  The two shotguns that I fired were almost as tall as I was.  May be a slight exaggeration, but that does not negate that a shorter shotgun works better for shorter arms.

We ended our evening with a cake for my Bestie’s birthday and an amateur fireworks show.  Squeak was not at all interested in the display, but it was a good bit after her bed time.  All in all, as stressful as coordinating a good get together may be, it is almost always time well spent.

How did you spend your weekend?

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22 Replies to “The Non-Blogging Blogger”

  1. Awesome post! Especially love the tips to get over writer’s block, my worst nightmare. Definitely going to have to try some of these next time I need inspiration 🙂

    1. If I help you in the future then it’s been well worth it.

  2. I would love to make money off my blog, but I have no idea where to begin 🙈

    Alice | Dainty Alice

    1. I made a post about where I’ve started. Ads are the easiest from what I’ve seen so far. Then affiliate marketing. I’m still learning myself but I’m going to touch on the subject again at the end of the year to re-evaluate everything.

  3. You definitely have to be true to yourself and just talk about what you want – because it’s easy to get burnt out when you don’t! 🙂 I hope you get the blogging bug back.

    I didn’t do too much this weekend. Enjoyed the nicer weather by being outside, and I saw the movie The Big Sick which was great.


    1. Really? I don’t think I’ve heard of that one, I’ll definitely have to look it up.

  4. Oh I am so with you on this one! I love bloggin, vlogging and creating content but when push comes to shove, I feel overwhelmed with the whole idea. Hoping to kick this soon and one of the reasons why I joined this group. Glad to see you’re back on the horse!

    1. Back on the horse and hopefully will be staying here. Take it day by day, you can do this!

  5. So happy that you are staying true to yourself. It can be so easy to get sucked in to the rabbit hole of monetizing, and just trying to keep up! I love your tips on writer’s block!

    1. I’m hoping to stay on course from here on out. Thank you!

  6. I loved reading this, dear. While I was reading this I have noticed that maybe you are focusing on the money too much – which is not a bad thing, don’t get me wrong. But maybe your main goal should be is to inspire your readers with your amazing posts. And you should write about all the things that you are interested in. 🙂
    Just don’t give up! 🙂

    1. That is exactly what my new goal is, thank you!

  7. I always try to be authentic and it seems to help so much when I start getting writer’s block!

    1. I think I thoroughly under rated it in the beginning. This is now my gospel with blogging.

  8. Great tips! especially for getting past writers block!

  9. Oh, some great tips! I personally follow them as well. It is really good to time and again contemplate about how you wish to take blogging further, brainstorm and then work on it.

  10. Being true to yourself definitely helps with writers block. I find that when I am trying to write about topics that aren’t really my “thing” I quickly hit erase and go back to what I know.

    1. That’s what I need to start doing. Currently, I just stare at the screen hoping the words will write themselves.

  11. When I get writers block I do not write, because I know that I will not get anything done.

    1. How long does it usually take you to get back on the horse?

  12. The comparison game is the worst! Once you find your voice and figure out your niche, run with it!

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